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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 31st August, 1st & 2nd September 2019

Another combined report I am afraid. Wind meant just the first sailings were viable on these days, and since then, wind means we are not sailing. Some hope over the weekend. And this is a shame, as the fishing is quite good.

Not for the big girls. I seem to have lost touch with those for the moment, although every tide is different, and they are very likely to show again. But for good fighting table fish, this is a great time to be fishing. Plenty of pods of 3-4lb fish milling around most of the marks.

Other interesting things are of course happening, as we race towards another period of seasonal change. The sea temperatures now begin to lower, and this in itself triggers a panic in every creature sea bound, to fill their bellies before winter makes things harder. As on land, Autumn is a time of plenty in the sea. No cod landed on these trips, but I lost a really good fish on a very close in reef in fairly coloured water, so I believe the run continues. Some nice wrasse appearing, as we pay more attention to some of the deeper rockier marks.

Plenty of availability next week, if wind allows play, so if you were unable to get on for this weekend, do keep an eye out for the sailings announcements on the facebook page, or reserve and fingers crossed on 07970 112774.

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