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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 8th August 2019 C.A.T. 9

First sailing and I was joined once more by father and son duo, Marc and David. Terrible conditions for the fly rod, with a stiff Northerly wind forcing us inshore and drifts across the tide. A lot easier for the heavier lures than the fly lines, which catch the wind in the air, and the current under the surface. And as such, David did do better, with several bass to his dad's none. No garfish to save the day. But still, we enjoyed, and I think they will be back. Hopefully they will, as I love to see these guys bounce off each other. A father son relationship, that if everyone got, would create a very different world.

2nd sailing, and some ghosts from the past weird wide world of . Back in the day, when the site was Thrussel owned, and before keyboard warrioring became so mainstream, and jealousies better hidden, this was a wonderful place to virtually hang. And so much more than virtual. Some incredible charities were happy beneficiaries of the numerous meets and matches this site spawned. And it was the site that helped me beat financial ruin by the skin of my teeth, and the trust of some incredible people, by ensuring the successful launch of my shore guiding operation. These were Essex folk, Jon and Jamie, joined by regular Garry, and his son Josh, first time back to fishing in 15 years! No pressure then...

Happily, conditions fell perfect. The stiff Northerly wind became a gentle WNW breeze. Sea state flattened. Great fly conditions, ironically. Also great lure conditions which was good as the fly angler had left the boat... I made the call to run the cod mark. An excellent call. Josh's first fish after fifteen years was a 6.5lb cod no less, HTO Arctic Eel in blue the responsible lure. Sadly discontinued. Less sadly, when I discovered this, I purchased everything left in the warehouse. Enough to see out my career, and possibly, worth keeping an eye out on E-Bay should I ever retire.

After that, and a few more runs through, quite a few other boats arrived. Having enjoyed our fun, I felt it was time to move on, and allow them to enjoy. At this time of year, even if on a hot one, it feels worth prospecting, as there might be a better one... Oh yes there was...

Its another work in progress. A small patch of rock, in nice depth. I've seen one cod from it so far, but it shines brighter for bass. A regular feature, and strangely quite in line with one of my early season bankers, that is less exciting this time of year. I wonder if the same shoal shifts its residency. Possibly due to angling pressure. Mostly from ... ME!! The perils of catch and release... 25 bass later, and I am already wondering where they might move to next.

3rd sailing, and we said goodbye to a beaming Garry and Josh, and said hello to regulars Mark and Damo. Out we headed, and again the sea had changed. A fresh SW breeze was happening. But the wave was short, without swell, and BIF1 happily skipped across them. I was determined to give the cod another look for the first hour of the session. Another good call. Damo bent into a good fish on the first drift I think, Blue shad again. And, now a veteran with a learning curve punctuated with some lost big fish, the concentration on his face was intense. The fish had everything on its side. We were being pushed along wind over tide, at around 1,5kn. That adds a lot of drag to a cod already using muscle and big tail attempting to get back down to the dark. The battle on this light lure tackle, needs focus. You cannot just crank them in. Every attempt by the fish to power down, must be given respect. Drag setting is critical. But Damo mastered them all, and I got the net under his prize. I'm not sure who was more pleased!! No... not true. I'm quite sure. As I didnt need to consider getting a paper bag to control my breathing... Damo had it. So excited. And and all of us for him.

That was not the end of it. Next run through, Jamie had a cracker on also. Nodding away. But the combination of wind (increasing) and tide( Increasing) proved too much, and it ripped off. Yet, still not the end of it, a few drifts later, Jon's turn. A wee one, which took of for the depths with passion on release. And that really was the end of it, as the wind now made continuing not an option. Sadly, when the waves are litterally beginning to roll into the boat, its time to trim up and head in. Not at all what was forecast, but, it is what it is.

Cant wait to get back out there. Tuesday looking rosy. Two spaces currently on the 0700, and full boat (max 4) available for the 1500. Happy to split the session 50/50 cod hunt then bass, as I am beginning to think this could be one of the better cod seasons we have had for a while. Time is beginning to tell... 07970 112774 if that floats your boat. Pun fully intended :)

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