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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 10th September 2019

Nothing amazing to report from today. Not up to my own expectations after so many coddies on the tide a few days previously. Back to a sort of, not so much bait around, hard to find fishes sort of day. Well, not all fishes. Mackerel far too plentiful today on most marks. Some beasts also as modeled by the lovely Katie, who was on board for the 2nd sailing. Herself, Michael, Charlie and Lin, with their first experience of fishing in the sea. Which is why I guess I was far more excited than they, for a mackerel that was likely pushing over 2.5lb. Along with half a dozen small bass. and stacks of that big ones offspring.

But for my first sailing crew, hard going. Some bass, dont get me wrong. But not opening their mouths. Possibly because of lack of tidal run, but then, sometimes when the tide slackens off is when they go crazy. I will leave it as, they didnt feed because they didnt want to. Mostly... Cuttlefish and mackerel also accompanied the two bass killed for the table, so at least tummys were filled.

Third sailing pulled due to wind. Although I did grab a friend, and sail it anyway. It was the right call cancelling, as my friend and I got bobbed around a lot, for not a lot at all. Hardcore push for cod... fail...

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