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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 15th September 2019 C.A.T. 17

BIF1 bouncing her way out of the mouth once again. Seems like we almost have the settled Summer I was hoping for arrived. Although the once awesome forecast for the week, now looking like it will end with a bit of an Easterly breeze. Great for the shingle actually, but perhaps less good for BIF1. Time will tell. On board, Garry, his lad Josh, Bill and Catalin.

Again the mackerel madness forced us along. Everything for the reason though. It bought us to some really great bass fishing. Good fish, everyone over 44 with few exceptions. Biggest? Well, I managed one that felt around 7.5 - 8lb. Perhaps the biggest. Plenty too big to kill. But four fish did feel a cosh on their heads. All around the 45-50cm mark. Perfect table fish.

Back in, and we said farewell to Garry, Josh and Bill, and hello to regulars Mark,. Damo and Garry. Back out, and back into fish. A quick look for a cod, produced two. Onto the bass, which produced bass, in reasonable numbers and the same quality sizes. And the bass fishing also produced a further two coddies. A cracking wrasse for Damo also. A really great session.

Back in, and now we said goodbye to Catalin, and welcomed back David. Out we went, to spend a lot of fuel finding not much else than mackerel. David had the ONLY bass, a small schoolie. The only exciting thing really, was a small squid that Damo caught. First one of the winter season... S.A.T. 1....

Still 3 spaces on Tuesday 1500 sailing on a great forecast. 07970 112774 if that appeals...

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