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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Since the storm to 8th November 2019

Really poor fishing since that immense blow. It wasnt the wind that did the damage, but the huge amount of rain that fell. Even today, the inshore is struggling to shrug off the sediment and freshwater being shot out of both the Ouse and the Adur like a Cannon. And as a result, perhaps fifty percent of the spots I would normally be extracting fishes from are coloured or desalinated. Some fish are fighting through it, with bass and Wrasse still hanging around inshore, now safe from becoming dinner to leisure anglers. But the cod, mackerel, baitfish and squid, are not showing.

However, there is no more intense rain forecast over the weekend. A bit of a blow Saturday afternoon, but I suspect the morning session, and Sundays, to be considerably better as the stronger tidal co-efficients sweep away the brown, and allow the bait fish to find each other once more. Lets see what finds its way into the blog over the weekend.

Next week BIF1 is closed for business from Monday 11th November to Friday 15th November, as I am taking a little trip outside the UK. Forecast looks dryish but quite windy so not missing much. Business as usual from Saturday 16th November.

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