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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 17th November 2019 - C.A.T. 30

Truly a game of 2 halves. First plan, was to go offshore with Garry, Catalin and Ian before the new flood kicked the sea up as the wind was slightly over tide. Well, offshore for me. A wreck 2.97 miles from the marina. Just inside my operational limit on my skippers certificate. I have to keep an eye on the numbers if the wind is stiff and offshore... (... little nautical humour...) It was a plan that was met with fish. A small gurnard for Catalin. Small pout for me. Bigger pout for Ian. But not such a great plan, so we didnt give it too long. At the first sign of the new flood, I went to prospect back inshore.

A good plan as it happened. With two cod on one drift no less. Not something that happens often these days for sure. One around 4lb. And a cracker weighed ashore at 9,25. A smattering of wrasse. But also a lot of drifts without action. It is a long way from "going off" out there. Going the right way though I would say, and as the tides drop, I suspect results will continue to improve.

Which didnt happen on the following sailing. Regulars Mark, Damo and Ian on board, and with Ian his lovely wife Annie. She had one wish. To catch squid. Happily, she did. No less than three. And they were the only living creatures swung on board on the entire session!!!!

One space left on tomorrow morning (0645 meet) and Tuesday morning (0645 meet). 07970 112774 to get on board. Then the weather saying no currently, until the weekend.

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