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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 27th December 2019

First trip out for quite a while, thanks to the constant depressions sweeping in bringing heavy rain and wind. A typical English winter? I think not. I think especially wet and windy since September. And with the first sailing in a little lull, all the usual problems of too much rain water cannoning out of the local rivers, meaning viz was poor, plus the additional issue of a big, almost indian ocean type long swell. We arent used to that kind of swell in this country. It is a killer swell if you suffer even slightly with motion sickness.

We headed out and smashed around a lot. Very little results in the first hour and a half. Maybe four whiting and a small pouting. And at the half way stage, one of the excellent things about BIF1 kicked in. The ability to set suffering souls back ashore before their guts extrude through their nose. Bruce, Anna and JJ were released back to the land. Leaving just Lee and myself (and I was feeling it a bit after an extended detangling session looking down) to finish the session. Which improved markedly. I headed to a bank I had marked up a couple of years ago as whiting 1. And... we found whiting, including some bigger specimens over the 1lb mark. Also, quite unusual on the inshore these days, a couple of small pollack. By the return, the swells had vanished, and we returned on glass seas. Not too tragic considering the viz. This has now improved, and I do have some limited spaces on New years day. 07970 112774 if breathing sea air from a fast boat appeals for your recovery routine...

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