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Brighton Inshore Catch report - 17th April 2023

Just the one sailing before an un-forecast stiff SE wind came to take away the rest of the day. And I have to say i got it a bit wrong. Because I am struggling to get my head around the fact that the bream are already everywhere. So, I stubbornly kept everyone on the shads hunting the bass and the cod, and only decided to ask for a bream volunteer as the tide was easing back, and only after repeated plucks as they chased the shads away from their nests. Neptune was offering me the signs, but I am still not back in full mental mode after the recent long respite.

The cod were not playing. One table bass bounced off the net and became detached. And it was almost certainly swarming with dogfish down there, because we landed no less than two. That brings the tally of dogfish on lures in six years to.... three.

On board, Bruno, Matt (recently returned from crossing the Atlantic in a row boat... How dumb is that??... Kidding of course. Huge respect. What an adventure. Chris and Isaac visiting from Canada. Bruno volunteered to be the bream man, and was rewarded almost immediately. And then the breeze began, which acted as a brake and sent us across the tide, ruining the breaming chances. On for more cod and bass prospecting, to a mark where we were actually waved in by a very kind man who then went on to pastures new. Although it might have been because we could only find fat pouting there. And then the time ran out. Not a great session fishing wise, but an awesome one for interesting tales from home and abroad. Most enjoyable.

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