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Brighton Inshore Catch report 8th May 2022

About to be all a bit more weather affected than we have been used to of late. This trip, the only one of the day due to inclement winds from the east for the rest of the day, was rated as only plaice drags off the beach. In these situations, anyone booked in who really wanted bass is very entitled to walk away without payment or hard feelings. I certainly would have, if I was the customer. That is how I create a lot of my service levels. I think of what is acceptable to me, or not. And there is a lot that is not.

However, this was not me. This was Max, Mark and Damo. All plaice aficionados. And Max, is wife Carol likes a bit of plaice. Apparently, the rhyme "A happy wife means a happy life" carries an element of truth in it. So, plaicing we did. And we caught a lot of plaice, plus a fair few gurnards both big and small. Just two for the table though, which is often the way at the moment. .

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