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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 10th December 2022

Sometimes, very rarely, a session is so uninspiring, I simply cannot find words to explain it. That was yesterday's only sailing, where a way stronger than forecast North wind denied us access to where the fishes live, and we were lucky to find a schoolie and a couple of whiting. And then there are sessions like today, where I can't wait to get home and get typing.

However, for a long while on the first sailing, I was wondering if I really wanted to be a charter skipper. On board were, finally after many cancellations, Eric and Fung, joined by regulars Mark and Chris. I headed out, and as the time ticked, and the miles went past, it was becoming very clear fishes had either scarpered or were in tight places. I got to my last tight place and had already begun to persuade Eric and Fung not to take the second sailing they had booked, due to the quality of the fishing, as the first fish hit. Two hours and ten minutes into the session, we began.

Forty minutes later, and the tally was sixteen bass and a cod. Lots of smalls, but a couple of crackers as well, and all irrelevant as the time for killing is over. But the action, and the smiles, especially on Eric and Fungs faces, was priceless. Actually, priced, at £60 per head but truly worth so much more. It transpired that the fishing in Hong Kong that the guys usually do, is for small fish. Like, truly small fish when Fung kindly showed me some photos from his world there. They were coming out in the afternoon for sure.

Sadly we had to let Chris and Mark leave, to be replaced by regulars David and Mark. And there was only one area I was interested in, having already scoped most of my patch. And happily, the fish were there. Not so many bigger ones, but plenty of action. With an added bonus of far more codling there. Final tally was ten codling, sixteen bass, and some bits and pieces. One of those bits being yet another John Dory!!

Thats some fishing. The last time we boated double digits of cod was 21 fish in March 2018. And I absolutely lost a proper one as well. I am very familiar with the initial panic of a good cod on the light gear, and that fish was absolutely one. Eleven cod on the day, the biggest being around 4lb for Dave. These fish will slip away over Christmas to spawn, and hopefully will return again for the crabs in late February. Exciting times. They could be as much as 2lb heavier by then. 32 bass, 11 cod, a john dory and bits. Five rods fishing six hours from a "tin pot boat". My favourite descriptive I think that I have heard her called. If you would like to come afloat, I have one space still available on the 0730 sailing, and two spaces still available on the 1200 sailing tomorrow. With England likely knocked out of the world cup by the time you read it, it might be a great way to lift the spirits. Or, if you were drinking spirits, a great way to clear the head. Text to 07970 112774 secures.

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