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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 10th July 2021

Another enforced 7 days ashore, thanks to the wind. Looking good for at least the next seven though, so I guess it all balances out. As does the fishing, although it was quite imbalanced today. First sailing, and we welcomed returnee's Max, Stuart and Steve, joined by new to BIF1 Andy.

The session began quite hard. With seven days, and a summer gale, everything changes. The sandeel seem to have scattered for now, although we saw one big patch swimming across the surface. Still some clouds of pin fry as well. A case of scooting around to get a fix on where bass are, or arent. Finally we settled on a patch. Where exciting things happened. Steve has a small schoolie on. As it was doing its thrashing thing on the surface, a big black shape loomed beneath it. We all watched heart in mouth as a very big, very black, bass engulfed the schoolie. Steve did everything right. He let the fish crash dive with the schoolie, and then thumped it hard. But, instead of the reel screaming, a very confused, and distinctly lucky little schoolie popped up.

Total tally was sixteen by the final whistle. Just two going up the road for eating. Sizes a little disappointing, But the presence of a huge fish, just shows that it can happen at any time. In all the thousands of hours I have spent with bass, that is the first time I have seen one try to take a hooked one, and does give clues to solving a few mysteries. But I will keep that to myself. Better you are aboard to hear the theories of an overtired fishing guide.

Next up was what is proving to be a very high pressure session. A Fins & Fork booking. Ed and Paul were belatedly celebrating Paul's birthday, which added even more pressure. It is quite essential in these sessions to catch enough fish for chef/owner Mike to transfer his knowledge. And to make it all the more fun, the guys had once fished for mackerel in Ireland. From a boat...

In fact, I very much enjoy bring people from zero skills to competency. And Ed especially shone, which was rather unfair, considering it was Paul's birthday they were celebrating. No surprise that the only table bass from . five landed was to his rod. A big relief. We also fished the plaice, but only small ones and not fast and furious. Which left us that stable back up for these sessions in the summer. Mackerel. A dozen were landed before feathers were retired. And final report from Mike, the guys absolutely loved the whole experience. Phew!!

Final session and the return of that man Mark, and nephew Damo, joined by new to BIF1 Matt and his lad Ethan. I do like a session to be fish filled with nippers on board. Which is why I was absolutely horrified at how slow the session was. Usual story. Marking lots of fish that wouldnt take a lure. Surface lures not cutting it. We did finally find a few, thank goodness. Biggest of the session was likely the one that dropped of Ethan's hook right at the net Damo managed something weird as usual. A plaice on the mighty minnow. But on the whole, very slow. With water clearing more and more I am hopeful of better things for what would look to be a whole week of sailing. Although rather too much space on Monday...its almost like people are expecting a major hangover...

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