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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 10th July 2022

Speed blog Im afraid, as I still haven't eaten and need to sleep.. I wouldn't call it a "Fantastic" day, but things are definitely changing for the better. First up, Max, Scott, Ash and Dan. Not crazy but always something happening. 14 bass landed,. And very happy folk. Including the skipper for a change.

Second sailing, John Otto and Christian. All new to BIF1. Fifteen bass landed, plus table fish, and finally, we find the first too big to kill since the micro fty appeared. 68cm to Otto, thats a full 9cm over my maximum kill size on BIF1. Likely a similar sized fish that busted you yesterday Werner, if your reading this. I did look for your lure. And the fishing heroin that is the BIF1 experience hooked another trio. Christian already back tomorrow.

Third sailing had a BBQ basis, so one set of feathers was allowed. Peter, John and Lewis returning, A dozen chunkers on the single set of feathers I allow for these occasions (Any more, and carnage ensues. Very hard to control strings of mackerel). And although only seven bass landed in this session (I actually thought it was going to be the best one) three of them were perfect table fish, so BBQ ambitions well and truly achieved.

Still three spaces available on Tuesdays 1500 sailing. Forecast currently suggesting possibly Wednesday to Friday may then be blown out. But it keeps changing, so as always, time will tell. text to 07970 112774 if those spaces are tempting.

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