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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 10th November 2021

First sailing and heading out on lovely flat seas, Simon, Dave, Mal and John, fully revved up for a morning on the bass. All foodies, so we were looking for the best chance of table fish. Everyday is of course, different, for what is munching the whiting and today really turned out to be a mixed bag.

But actually, it wasnt a mixed bag first sailing. Simply bass after bass. Lots of smalls, but plenty of table fish also with a max kill. John christened his new rod multiple times, and for him I think it really was a trip of revelation, connecting the dots from previous trips and now mastering the reactions required really well.

Indeed, everyone fished superbly, which is why the final tally was fifty three bass landed. And yet, from all of those, not a single fish over 3lb. A lot of fun though, and in shallow water, good chances for the released fish to recover. A lot of fun, and typical autumn bass fishing, now the whiting have finally arrived.

Second sailing, and Martynas had dragged back Tom, after far too long an absence, and also new to BIF1 Yuri and Ruslanas. . Out we went again, back to the whiting shoal. Wind had picked up a bit, and with the strong flooding tide, we were screaming through a little faster than I would have liked. This reflected in the catch rate, and also the sizes. After two hours we had landed just twenty six bass, with only three in the well. With the tide easing back, I floated the idea of a cod and squid hunt.

This was a most excellent plan as it turned out. Within that last hour, we picked out fifteen squid in two locations, and by running the "best bet" rig, we also managed to nail three cod. It has made me wonder if I shouldnt be putting a lot more effort into cod. Its so easy to be distracted by the finally shoaling bass. Two to me, and one to a very happy Tom, as the squid were also a first for him on lures. If a day has to be called epic, in modern times, does 79 bass, fifteen squid, three coddies a plaice and a pouting in six hours of fishing sound like epic? ... I will settle for, seasonal excellence.

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