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Brighton Inshore fishing - Catch report 10th September 2020

1st sailing, and sadly, one client had to drop out last minute due to a family emergency. Happily, young Joe stepped up to snap it up when I pushed the situation on my Facebook timeline. Not actually sure if I would have a business if it was not for the instant access to my clients that facebook affords. Bob, the other original booking, happily was able to make it.

I elected to go look for those bigger fish once more. And with both guys also wanting a crack at a cod, we allocated the final hour to run through coddy waters also. And a warning to all early morning customers. The heat wave is most definitely over, and winter is reminding us she is not so far away. It was a loss of feeling in the fingers kind of morning, with a stiff N breeze adding to the low temperatures. So, wrap up if you are first out just now.

The bassing went pretty well, with the final tally of 9 bass landed. Biggest, maybe around the 4lb mark. No beasts, but great fun all the same. And happy clients, which is most important. Onto the cod. On the very first drift, I connected with what felt like a good fish. And I thought I had the better of it but after 30 seconds, without any explanation, the fish pulled free. And that was the only action, despite us giving it a good going over.

2nd sailing, and it was father and daughter, Andy and Eleni. Eleni is imminently off to university with all the excitement that goes with such a life change, and the buzz I think rubbed off. The fish stood no chance really. Back to the big fish spot, with identical results to the first session, 9 bass. Four taken for the table, five released, all over the 42cm. And with family coming to dinner tomorrow, fresh fish could not have been more welcome.

Final sailing, and a Compass Homecare staff outing, with first time fisher Gabi, and "done a bit" Sandra. Well, the bit she done was clearly a great bit. as she was casting like a pro from the off. And Gabi did amazingly well also, considering she had not fished prior.

We began with some vertical jigging for those elusive cod, more for me to assess rod skills than anything. But two drifts gave me enough confidence to head off bassing. And I thought I would go east, as with the lack of beasts west, I might be missing out on numbers East.

We arrived on the top of the tide. Just the wind pushing us straight north, and just a couple of wrasse to show for efforts. But once the tide got moving, so the fish came on. Spits and spurts, some dropped, seven landed. Too many mackerel getting in the way. And happiness and smiles all the way through. A lot of fun. I look forward to the next Compass Homecare staff outing.

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