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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 10th September 2022

All returnee's, Max, Mitch, Garry and James entered a rather big sea with me, some very big swells left over from the previous day. Not dangerous, but the big swells make keeping in touch with the lures very difficult. Add in that on the early flood, the extreme rainfall of recent days made for thickly coloured water in close. We had no choice really but to head to deeper water.

It was actually a good call. I headed for a spot where the bream have been hatching these past few weeks, and although I didnt mark any bream, there was something down there holding the attention of our spikey quarry. We got a good hour plus where every drift produced some action, before the slowing tide bought slowed results once more.

Now though, we had enough tide that the inshore was clearing fast. We finished up in there, and although not to the standard it had been recently, we managed the thirteenth and final bass of the session. Everyone walked away with fish. No monsters, biggest likely around 3.5lb. Plus the 12th Codling of the season, and the biggest so far. Sadly, not something to celebrate.

2nd and 3rd sailings were both booked by Colin, his friend George, and Georges very grown up son Harry. All new to BIF1 and we headed out into an even bigger swell, with the wind more Westerly than North westerly, and not dropping as the forecast suggested. Indeed, the forecast suggested a perfect afternoon, but we intermittently found ourselves battling winds, or swells, contrary to the forecast. Twice we discussed terminating, when the wind pushed to the SW for ten minutes or more, and blew quite stiffly.

And all of this affected the fishing. Hard enough to teach the guys how to intercept the most subtle of takes, or tell when the lure has reached the bottom, fifty yards away, even in a flat sea. The swells really made it hard work. Yet, with much perseverance, fish were caught. Just six, but two nice ones, both to Harry. Really hard going, but much fun and interesting and entertaining conversations. A very pleasant afternoon.

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