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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 10th September 2023


Feeling much better this morning. Huge thanks to everyone that wished me good health. And things much more normal as well, with just the first sailing viable on a constantly deteriorating forecast. With me all regulars and who have all fished with each other frequently, Mark, Lee, Dave and Natalie.

A pathetic dribble of tide on the flood made for a poor showing on the topwaters. And what fish we did raise were mostly small. Natalie was first away, and things did look good briefly, but soon it was apparent it wasnt the usual morning chorus. It meant longer on the cod, where, as well as the two targeted cod, the first of the season for both Lee and Mark, we also found two of the three table bass that were taken. Also a nice wrasse, a first for Dave.

Then a bumble around. Tried some ground where something with savage teeth was instantly taking off tails. Not cuttle. I will revisit at some point. But nothing much happening anywhere. One more table bass and the total landed was ten, with three killed, plus the two cod. Actually not a terrible haul on such a lack lustre tide.

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