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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 11th May 2023

First sailing, regular Max was joined by new to BIF1, and fellow Marina boat owners Milhai and Chris. I wasnt really to sure what to expect from this sailing, as we had the bottom end of the ebb, but not the recently successful low tide itself. I pointed the sharp end in that direction anyhow, as I knew we would be having a look towards the end of the session. But we had still some depth and tide flow, so we used it to investigate some closer reefs along that way.

It quickly became apparent we had a very different tide to the last time we were out. Birds were not of assistance, and we were struggling until we came to some slightly deeper water where we finally found some fish. A pollack for Max, which is always a welcome sight. And a couple of bass for Chris and Milhai.

Finally time to head to the honey spot. Conditions were not nice there, and worse, no fish marks whatsoever. Quite likely the rockworm are finished. On with the hunt. Another couple of fish finally succumbed back on some closer rocks, but the finally tally was just four bass and that pollack. Hard going.

A theme continued on the second sailing. Here we had returning to me brothers Richard and James, and alongside them new to me were father and son team John and Ralph. These guys are quite used to serious pelagic action in the Canary Islands, so no stranger to big fish. But they hadnt done so much lure fishing perch style as we practice on BIF1 and were excited to check it out.

I had fully explained how hard the morning session had been, as managing customer expectations is a very important part of the job. But boy, it was a real test of faith. Up until the final thirty minutes was another of those pollack, and a wrasse. I had been explaining to Ralph how it was still possible, how we never give up hunting. But in my head I was already wondering how it could go so badly wrong. And then, a familiar mark flicked up on my down scan. Followed by another. I think it was Chris hit the first fish, and while dealing with that, I returned to notice the screens all full of fast moving fish ripping into fry.

When the alarm sounded for end of session, the bites were drying up, and I could see the shoal had begun to travel withj purpose. Perhaps due to us sticking hooks in 27 of them. Mostly smalls but we managed three for the table. Most importantly it taught us all, especially me, that never giving in does occasionally provide rewards. A most excellent session. Eventually.

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