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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 11th October 2020

Wow... Been a long time since I last sailed, and I got lazy, as the 3 sessions today, have me beat. A short blog I am afraid. Well, it sort of just flows, so lets see. And lots to say as well. I will type fast...

First up, and I really didnt worry pushing a spare space that appeared on the first sailing, as I didnt expect to sail and had warned Sherwin to bring beach gear just in case. We nosed out, and although there was an impressive Westerly swell, with no breaking waves and a forecast of an ever dying wind, and with Sherwyn being from South Africa where real seas exist, we cracked on.

It was a stuttery start, but with my now superfast boat since sorting a loading issue, I was happy to bounce around to find some. And we did, although we had to go quite a way offshore (for me) to find them, mostly due to quite poor viz in close. Sherwyn is a fairly recent convert to fishing, thanks to another friend with a boat. So I had a lovely blank canvas to work with. Easiest teaching I ever did. Im not sure if I even opened my mouth or just thought what I wanted him to do. Spooky. Coz he had it bang on from the very beginning. And it showed as he caught fish.

Sadly though, the first fish he hooked he did not land. It screamed the reel for 20 seconds straight back and under the boat, before something gave. He will wake up with that being his first thought for a week now... But more fish followed. Wrasse first, and then small bass,, progressing up to a nice brace of table bass. 12 bass were boated, before time to head back in. One very happy Sherwyn. I feel we might see more of he...

2nd and 3rd sailing (last day of these due to light restraints) I was joined by uber regular Mark, and occasional visitor Scott. The ever dying wind had of course got up a bit, and was a real pain although it did push down the big swell. Hard to find good viz in close. One spot we found, and did quite well in. Well, Scott and I did. Mark was still adjusting to his brand new HTO N7099... It takes a while. But it was frustrating him a little. Until... zzzzzzzzz... That lovely noise, as a 7lb bass decides to take the lure. What a way to christen a rod. We also, seconds after netting it, had a HUGE grey seal rise to the surface, 20 yards away. A very near miss I suspect... But it added to the interest.

Bass fell steadily, we stopped for lunch and then headed the opposite direction hoping for better things. We actually managed the same in both sessions, ten bass in each boated, bringing the days total to 32. Zero bycatch either, which is unusual.. Lots of smiles, lots of fun, lots of chat. I love my job, and am quite sad to be going part time due to the light, as of tomorrow. Just one sailing going to happen in the morning. I have bought the sailing forward to 0700 to beat a predicted stiff SW wind. And. as I type, I still have one space available. 07970 112774 if you want bass for tea.

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