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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 11th September 2020

First sailing, and it was actually going to happen. David, a should be regular, was actually going to go to sea on a great forecast. I think his first actual sailing this year, despite having a repeat booking slot. How unlucky can one guy get?? Joining him, was far luckier regular Richard, who always seems to get the weather on his bookings.

The fishing though, was not up to the outstanding conditions. Not so much run in the tide, but after running both sides, for just four bass and a small pollack, it clearly was not a bassy day. Lots of baitfish about, so no real reason for it. Just, one of those days? Likely not. Likely something easier than chasing bait fish was happening somewhere, and the fish are taking advantage of that. One of those scenarios that only a bass can tell us. Except of course, bass cant speak. And we cannot observe all of the time. Perhaps in my lifetime. satellite tracking tech will become cheap enough for even a casual observer to try and get some answers. Time will tell.

If you think that was bad, poor Peter's sailing, bought forward from last sailing due to imminent wind, went even worse. We had a quick couple of drifts over a coddie spot, while we waited for some tide. And then onto the main event. Which was a real non-event. Just one fish, and even that was small. Plus cuttlefish action. We were almost thankful for that. And by the time the bugger off bugler made his call, we were surrounded by some quite frothy water, as the imminent wind became clearly present wind. Still, always the conversation is interesting when Peter is on board. Silver linings...

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