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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 12th August 2022

Wind once again determined to spoil peoples holiday plans, as well as dent my winter play fund. Again, just the first sailing viable based on the forecast. A real theme of recent weeks. This morning I was joined by Martin, Chris and Armando, all returning, plus new to BIF1, but certainly not to fishing, Pete the rod builder.

Fishing started really well, as expected with the new flood. The sriff NE wind was a little lively at times, bur on the whole, we could stay in touch with our hooks. Which is why we caught. And sizes a little up. No monsters, but of the twelve fish landed in this three hour session, only perhaps four were below table sized. Not bad average at all, and it meant that all that wanted fish to eat, had fish to eat.

Very few mackerel around today, and little bait as well. It will all be lurking somewhere. Perhaps the other side of Shoreham. But with crazy busy beaches, it will be darkness before it comes in super close. Anybody with culinary intentions would do well to visit their nearest bit of mackerel shingle after 2100 tonight, armed with feathers of small spinners. Just about perfect. But do keep an eye out for swimmers. With the inshore shallows as warm as 23 degrees at the moment, people are playing all night long.

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