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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 12th July 2021

Quite a change in fishy action today. Suddenly, a lot of fish around the 50cm swimming around our patch. Sadly, nobody to share them with until the 1430 sailing, and even that was in jeopardy, with a strong likelihood of lightning, in which case, we would be obligated to return to port.

I had actually got up at 0500 as usual, for a single client, but found a message saying he wasnt up to it. Fair enough, he had been out the day prior on a very long range bass hunt aboard "Proteus". skippered by my friend Steve Green. And a very successful trip it had been.

But... I was up. So, it seemed rude not to go and see what he had missed out on. Initially, just smalls. But a short move, and deploying the mud weight, really paid dividends on one small reef. 23 fish, with five around the fifty size. Real good fun, and all on surface lures.

I was only out a couple of hours. Wind was way over forecast. and then swung to the east, just as the tide really got going. And I was hungry. I even took a brace, something I rarely do. But it boded well for the last part of the only other sailing, at 1430.

Nick, Martin, Phil and Ian duly arrived, and we headed out. It was a bit of a slog initially, but returning to the same spot that I had done well on in the morning, paid dividends. Final count, well, I lost count after 25, and plenty again around the 50cm mark. Really good fun, with everyone expectant at every turn of the handle. We did hear some thunder, but it was the bugger off bugler, not lightning, that heralded the end of a really fun session. All with fish to take up the road. Bonus.

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