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Brighton Inshore Fishing Catch report 12th July 2022

First sailing, and some very good rods on board. A crew of some of my best finger trained, Mark, Max, Mose, and sadly not Malfoy, as I don't think I have had a crew of all M's before. Tonino had to go and spoil it. But I think he was happy he did. He is one hell of a fast learner, from being great at really listening to instruction.

Again I dont have to much time for descriptive writings tonight, but all that finger training that the guys have done over the years, was for nothing on this session. We stopped counting at fifty, and all off the top. The power of cloud. Although predominantly smalls, (just three were for the table) the excitement of surface takes meant everyone was buzzing. Indeed Tonino signed up for the three o clock sailing as soon as we got back to port.

The next sailing was a complete contrast. Tim, Richard, Russel and Lee enjoyed just three bass landed, although two were at least table fish, and a reef pollock. And that really was it. The reason? Sun burned off the cloud. Would raise, and follows but few takes on the shads.

Final sailing, both Mark and Tonino returned from the morning session, joined by Chris and another Richard. You know... That one... This one was IMHO a lot better than the morning sailing. Sun was now partially obscured, by some truly beautiful clouds. Its been a great week for cloud fans.

Chris did especially well on this session, taking three of the eleven total landed. All the fish were quality, with five taken for the table. Some 41's as well, perhaps a sign of effective harvesting, as we used to get a lot of 35's, when the limit was 36. Thank goodness for the raise in limits. To think, it could have been implemented a full decade earlier, if it wasnt for the cries of the commercial netsmen. And yet, there are more commercial rod and line boats than ever, now the stock is recovering. A bounty to be harvested again I wonder where the stock would be at now, had that happened all those years ago?

So, on the day, more than 64 bass landed, with gurnard, mackerel, scad forming fun by-catch. I think the best day numbers wise this year so far. And, signs of further change noted as well. It only gets better from here on in. Next available slot, a single space on the 0630 sailing, on Thursday, 14th July. Text to 07970 112774 if you think you would like to experience similar action.

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