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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 12th June 2021

After a couple of blown out days, the forecast had been awesome for this day, and so I laid on four sailings, and filled them all. And the first sailing went rather to plan. Regulars Mark and Damo, were joined by regular Max, and new to BIF1 Will. Off we headed on fairly flat seas and light winds. The fishing itself was good quality, and rather how I like it. Numbers were not huge, with just eleven bass landed during the three hour session. But sizes were mostly good. screaming reels being a very good way to start the day.

Then in for breakfast. Mark and Damo were staying on, and we headed to Cafe Zio, which I hadn't realised opens at 0800. And the food is excellent, as is the coffee. So, fully refreshed we met Jamie and Mia, proprietors of a local guest house, and set out once more. But instead of the calm seas we had left, we came out into a rather bumpy sea indeed. The wind, originally forecast to increase a little in the afternoon, had in fact, increased a lot in the morning. Mark had mentioned he wouldnt mind a go on the plaice. In these conditions, we really didnt have too much choice.

We splashed across to my start of drift for plaice, and sent the frolic / Isome combinations to the sea bed. And it didnt take long before it was giggles all around. And a great drift, with no less than 14 coming from it. Then Mia wanted to catch mackerel. I added some Tronix white feathers to the set up. Mia caught mackerel. However, the sea, already with white horses, now began to develop rolling swells as the tidal direction crept opposite the fairly stiff SW breeze. "Sory guys, Last dift".

Another four plaice added to the tally. But sadly, it was time to return. And I also had to pass on the news to the guys booked onto the last two trips. The forecast was now for the breeze to not die until dusk. However, one client, Jon, was staying over, to fish the first two sailings following morning. so I suggested that although the clear seas and bright skies, and busy bays meant there was very little chance of success, we might as well go and fish the marina walls, He agreed, on the strength that it will keep him out of the pub.

The fishing was exactly as predicted. However, still well before dark, the wind backed a little, and the tide eased, meaning the white horses vanished. Still a pretty big swell. "Want to try popping out for an hour?" I asked Jon. He also bored of a lot of casts for zero action, readily agreed. So, of we went. It was a very big swell, but we clung on for a full hour, until the new flood deepened the troughs even further, and we came back in. But in that hour, Jon managed his biggest bass of the year, plus another half the size, whereas I managed just one small. I think we would have had some first class fishing had the wind allowed us to continue earlier. But I guess we will never know...

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