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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 12th May 2023

Just the one sailing, which almost wasn't. With a very stiff Northerly wind forecast, I had originally cancelled the sailing. The big Northerly which makes for flat seas but impossible lure fishing as the boat is shot across the water too quickly (yes, even with a drogue. I have tried this now) to keep that essential contact for effective lure fishing. So, I planted up on the shingle, where I got no action in 2 locations. The wind was still manageable as well, for fishing in tight, which has opened up as an option now the rot is mostly gone. I decided to see who was up and about.

I managed to contact Paul and Lee, who were on the shingle, but the rest of the original crew were also on the shingle, focused on fishing, and missed the message. So, three of us headed out. Wind was annoying, but not impossible, but later, was only worthwhile in a few spots VERY close in. And yet, despite all the challenges and the limited spots available to us, we managed eight bass, with a table fish each for the guys. And somehow, it was really enjoyable, although I am a bit of a fan of tough fishing, it has to be said. That big grey seal thought we were busy enough to come have a look at us, but as is often the way with wild creatures, he wouldn't pose properly.

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