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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 12th November 2022

Hi guys... Yep. Still here. Just... 18th October the last time I sailed. Has much been happening since then? Well, lots and lots of wind, obviously, and more recently lots and lots of rainwater, which has meant the rivers that feed our inshore waters have been out collecting lots of mud from the farmers fields, and kindly carried in to make the close coastal areas a mass of rainwater heavy with sediment. Not even close to good lure fishing conditions, and even bait fishing often suffers when the salinity is diluted.

Just before the heavy rain, a couple of weeks ago, I was fishing on the east arm of the marina, where I had been enjoying reasonable success with quality bass on the lures. I observed a small flock of gulls, hovering quite tightly together over the sea, moving quite slowly, and clearly intently following something under the surface. I continued watching as I fished, as often this is a precursor to a dolphin or seal emerging. Instead, a likely 400lb Blue Fin Tuna leaped clear of the water, as it hit something unseen, but likely a garfish, as I have been told these are one of their favourite snacks. Gobsmacked, I saw another tail smash on the surface, and a friend on the West arm saw another two breach completely, that he put at 200 and 400lb fish. This friend crews on the CHART programme in Falmouth and is well versed with BFT. Amazing times.

Yet, since then until this morning, no sailings. This morning, I also cancelled, as the forecast showed a brisk SE breeze, which on a flood tide, makes for harsh conditions. But waking early, I noticed almost a total flat calm, and managed to salvage two of my most local clients, Chris and Max. Out we went, onto a bouncy but safe sea. Into horrible coloured water. I very nearly went back in there and then, but thought we might as well have a couple of drifts. I also found some slightly less coloured water on some good ground.

Fishing initially was very slow indeed, just one small skinny bass. But after a few moves, I finally found a patch of worthwhile fish, likely feeding on squid, as we also managed one accidentally on the shad. A further six fish followed, quality fish, which was ironic as nobody was killing bass. The squid was far less lucky.

Just as we were coming back in, the wind did make the forecast strengths, and a horrible swell was the result, which made any thoughts of rescuing the second sailing redundant. But that actually wasnt such a bad result, in quite poor conditions. I suspect that should the winds ever settle down and let us out a bit more, there is still some good fishing to be had.

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