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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 12th October 2021

Quite a frustrating day, thanks to a fairly stiff NW wind. Was due to drop during the morning, but actually, quite the opposite. First sailing, with all returnee's Mark, Peter, Jude and Ronnie on board. Knowing we had the bottom end of the ebb, I suggested a realistic target might be fifteen, and actually, that was what we had. The wind for this sailing, was not so terrible, but fish well spread. A few here, a few there. Full kill for Jude and Ronnie, but Peter was waiting for the second sailing, and Mark was not for taking

2nd sailing, which with a full flood to play with I suggested might be another 25 fish session, was the frustrating one. Ronnie and Jude having left us, and been replaced by Fred and Geoffrey, we came out to a much stiffer wind, which made anything too far off uncomfortable. I ran the full width of my permitted working areas, for just 9 fish landed. and only two for the table. A wrasse for variety, and a few mackerel. But overall, a feeling of frustration that the wind wouldnt let me be where the fish were most likely lurking.

Much kinder winds tomorrow though, so hopefully things will get better. Some private boats out there today did okay, with at least one cod to lures, that I know of. And of course, its time to be thinking a bit about squid. Plus some over sized plaice have been finding their way to bait anglers hooks from the shore. So much to do, so little time. November availability will be on the ticker also, as soon as this blog is published, and a cup of tea drunk.

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