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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 12th October 2022

Just managed to squeeze a sailing in, before the winds arrived. Dean, proprietor of Purbeck Angling, was along for a rare non blown off session for him, sadly without his usual companion Mark who had to remain in Dorset for real world duties.

I must admit I was expecting a re-run of the previous mornings excellent fishing. But it wasnt to be. In part I suspect as a large bull Bottlenosed dolphin was also on the reef, probably hunting squid but almost certainly scattering bass shoals. They have quite an impact.

As such, just six bass, and Dean's first Brighton cod, which did make he very happy. Many people might be wondering why Dean comes all the way to Sussex to fish bass from BIF1. There is a very good reason, and early next season I hope to be able to reveal more. But what I will say, is he is doing everything right to prepare, and I will be behind him, as all new skippers that show fishyness, one hundred percent. We need more people scraping the edges on fun tackle, as the fish in the deeps more and more are on dinner plates, rather than the sea bed. Squid and light line fun, likely the only worthwhile options if the stock does not stop decreasing. The stock of everything.

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