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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 13th April 2022

Very strangely, and slightly alarmingly, I had today to myself. Well, me and BIF1. Which is great as I needed a bit of good weather without clients, to check some stuff out. But also bad, as this is the Easter holidays, and I suspect the first Easter holiday day with no bookings since I began in 2017. Quite worrying. Although with the patchy fishing of late, perhaps the reason. Or perhaps you are all skint, or worse, planning frugally so you do not become skint. However, I would point out, that when the missiles start flying, your fishing skills are likely to be more valuable to you, than your bank balance. Just saying like...

Working on the principle that its been the crap fishing, and with the 1100 and 1500 slots still to fill on Saturday, and even spaces on Easter Sunday, I cant wait to show you todays results. It began with squid. That disastrous squid trip the other evening still sitting heavily on my mind. So, I needed to fish for squid, and catch them.

I tried a different patch of ground, and most importantly, I tried a new method. And it worked with three squid in short succession, two being proper krakens. The reason I tried the new method, was that on the arms, in the spring, float fishing seems to catch the most squid. That dead approach seemingly more attractive than an actively worked squid jig. More work to be done of course, but at least that monkey off the shoulder.

I gifted the squid to the staff at Cafe Zio as I popped there for breakfast, My friend Jon had rung, to see what I was up to. I was happy to take Jon out for the next phase of my day, as he has a very keen finger, and many many hours of my way of fishing under his belt. It was a good call.

I had three spots I wanted to check out, and the fact we found bass on all three was just fantastic. It matched with how much bait was around today, and I expect we will hear of hauls of herring and mackerel from the marina walls. We even had bass smashing off the top around the boat at one point, a sure signs of plenty of bait.

Its not just fish either. The reefs will be filling with prawn, if they ever left, and one of my commercial friends tells me the bass are choked full with the rockworms, which are currently free swimming and spawning, adding to the plankton soup which feeds the first creatures to hatch. Whelk pots are also coming up covered in squid eggs, so we are in full flow with those.

The total for three hours fishing was 24 bass between us, with at least 75 percent over the 42cm I actually kept one today as well, as it slowly dawns on me deliveroo is slower than me filleting and cooking a fish these days. No beasts, but plenty over 3lb to keep the reels screaming. A really enjoyable session, with amazing colours as well, in the subtle sunlight. And also, and inspection at sea from the MMO. Very pleased to see them as always, and they inform me we will be seeing them again for sure, so if you think rules are not for you, due to lack of policing, think again.

Popping back for a coffee, I was in time for feeding time of the staff. Stefano, the co-owner, had cooked the squid the way only Italians can cook squid. They demanded I join them and boy, was it good.

As I write this, I await the new flood. One more thing to check out before I shut her down for the day. And all of this is that I can give you guys the very best of whatever fishing is out there. As for tomorrows crews, I hope that you will find out, Summer has most certainly begun. Still some spaces there I think as well.

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