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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 13th August 2022

I'm often asked "what are the best tides" and I always say "When the fish were having it". On board, four very experienced rods, all good at what I do as all have fished with me many times. Jon, Benny, Alfie and Howard. Howard is in fact the BIF1 record holder still, with a 12.5lb fish caught P.P. (Pre-Pandemic. I quite like that. I think it will stick, like B.C.)

Today was a classic example. Jon was trip co-ordinator, and had selected good sized tide, incorporating the early flood mostly. However, due to the wind forecast, I had called it a 0530 sailing, and so we had over an hour of the last bit of the tide, and we could only play in tight as there was a strong Northerly first thing. Usually, recipe for a quiet hour.

I have searched and searched and finally last year found, two spots that suit this combination. And today happily, both had fish in them. More smalls around today though. Of the nineteen fish landed, we killed just five. And here is the rub. Once the tide got flooding properly, the fish vanished. And not to their usual spaces because that had been my plan to find them there, as they often are early flood.

But silver lining. With the wind still not arrived, I asked the guys if they fancied a go at a cod. They all agreed, so we took half a dozen at one of my more productive spots. It was my Axia Mighty minnow that found it, although cuttle gave everyone a heart stopping moment. Another small one, likely not even 2lb although in stunning condition. And the beauty of light line luring is, we only fish shallow water. Such a fish can be returned, to perhaps visit as a 5lb plus fish next year. This brings our tally to five since their arrival last week.

Rest of the day cancelled due to SE winds forecast. Again. I might have to start a "GOFUNDME" page if I am to be drinking Moet this winter. Autumn really needs to be calm, else it will be house Vino Verde for me in the Algarve after Christmas. A very strange time. This country never did heat very well. Should be back to more normal weather patterns soon.

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