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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 13th July 2021

First sailing, and out with Greg and Phil. Last time I had seen these guys, was when I was still shore based and we had caught bass on lures. I had got them as far as the outer marina on another occasion, when it was clearly too bouncy to proceed further. But this time, other than a very annoying wind, happily at least from the north, we got out of the marina. And headed up the beach. Where again, we found fish. But unlike yesterday, sizes were very down. We moved about, trying to find a bigger stamp of fish. More smalls.

Towards the end we returned back to the beach, where we were accosted for a second time by a militant, happily clothed this time, woman, who couldn't believe we wanted to be there. "Why are you there. You've got all that sea?" Great. Another know nothing wanting to be a fishing guide... "Why are you here? You also have all that sea" should have been my reply. Instead I of course told her to F**K off and read the local byelaws. Another one confused by the swim buoys. And boat lanes. And what a swim lane is, and what a boat lane is. Despite the fact, that the boat lanes have the words "BOAT LANE" written on them. What is it about Brighton swimmers? Ah... of course. Probably something in the water....

Final tally was twelve fish, and of course, multiply by loads the amount of very visual takes missed, did actually make for quite an exciting session. And yet, not a single fish going up the road... Mustapha was next on board, and should have been joined by one other, who was my first ever no show. You know who you are, and you will understand why you now reside on my "Prepay" list. But, I still love you xx This meant plenty of space for Mustapha, not that it really mattered. Although it did rather balance the scales, as on this session, just two bass landed, but both good ones.

Mustapha was staying for a 2nd sailing, and was joined by Dicky, returning to BIF1 once more. The focus was more on plaice on his first sailing with me, as bass were hard to find. And on that note, we started on plaice, to ensure there were fish on hooks. Fishing was... OK, just about. Three in the fish well. Then we went on a bass hunt. I was just about to repeat all the mistakes of the previous session, when I had a change of heart. A hunch I guess you could call it. A full speed, hard turn, and off we went.

Bingo. Happily, the last hour of this session was one with many tugs and pulls. And sizes were also very satisfying. And the best bit, was Dicky's story. When we were struggling, he dumped a bombshell on me. "I haven't caught a bass in over 40 years Robin". As a lad, he was keen on the sea fishing, living in Shoreham and as many kids to this day, fishing and crabbing etc. And then he discovered freshwater fishing, growing up, family. Normal life. And normal life really does limit your bass opportunities.

And puts extra load on my shoulders... Cheers Dicky... But it was fine, because at this location, it wasn't long before Dicky's rod slammed over with his first bass in over 40 years. Next cast, another... Mustapha was also on the fish, as was I. Thirteen was the final count, with a brace going up the road with Mustapha, and could have been for Dicky, but that on this occasion, he was being fish friendly. A great last hour to a fairly tough day.

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