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Brighton Inshore Fishing Catch Report 13th June 2021

First sailing, and Jon, Jon and Jon ( I kid you not) were joined by, thank goodness, David. At last we had the flat seas and light breezes tantalisingly dangled in the three day forecast, and usually snatched away by the 24 hour one. All were regulars. All were finger trained. And I had high hopes. Plus, a change of tact. Rather than ride the bait trails, focus more on the crabby bits. Settled weather, fairly big tides and bright sunshine, with clear seas allowing deep penetration, can have a strange effect on crabs. Makes them want to cast off their old clothes. Bass kind of like that. While the smaller fish are happy to be busting balls of micro fry all day, often, their parents and grandparents are after the far easier meal. Less numbers, of quality fish.

And that was pretty much how it went. Not too bad a session, Fifteen with mostly quality fish. Just Jon (does it matter which Jon? ... Im not sure even when I read and re-read it) wanted a brace, so some lucky fishes. Deffo could have been more, but by 0830 the inshore was buzzing with watercraft, many enjoying their twice yearly visit to their sports cruisers. And perhaps not appreciating why 60 yards of nanofil are hanging in front of their faces. All part of bassing at the city by the sea.

Main thing was, happy folk exiting, with the exception of... Jon. But now, down to one Jon, so much easier to manage. Jon was joined second sailing by Richard, Kristian and Nathan.

And it was, a grueller. Just 5 bass, a wrasse and a bream landed. But a brace of those bass were headed for BBQ destinations, as some compromise. Very hard work. Which didnt change for the third sailing, when David from the morning sailing, who made me so very happy for not being christened Jon, returned with grandson James, and were joined by new to BIF1 Dean and Stuart. Dean not new to me though, as we enjoyed a successful session on the river last October. Just 4 bass and a wrasse on this outing, although much more enjoyable fishing, away from the mobs of personal watercraft. Monday tomorrow. Hoping for quieter seas, when I will be revisiting the successes that nearly were today, before it all got jet ski'd up.

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