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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 13th September 2023


Bit of a leap in the cod total. Let me explain... First and second sailings were cancelled due to a forecast that said flat seas but boat scudding across the tide. This did give me time to check out bits on the shore I havent even looked at this year, and a missed couple of takes from quality bass suggested I should look more often. The forecast then changed significantly. It suggested flat calm for 1500, the sailing I had no-one booked in for. I floated the idea of a cephalopod hunt to my whatsapp group where squid and cuttle trips are organised. 1630 to 1930 incorporating the magic squid time of sunset. 3 rods responded.

And so Ian, Kevin and his lovely wife Zit found themselves chugging out onto a warm, slightly bumpy sea. Wind was actually an Easterly breeze, not the Westerly calm the forecast had said, but nothing heavy. Just bumped a bit on the new tide. Because I was not 100 percent confident (despite this being a birthday trip for Zit) we would find squid, I set us all up with a single drop shotted squid jig, and instead of a weight, a 56gm Axia mighty minnow on thee bottom. The squid share the same ground as the cod, and with this set up, if the squid were not having it, at least we might be lucky and see a cod.

I should not have worried. Squid numbers are building nicely. Zit was first away, and then we pecked away at them. Ian was cuttle master. But then Zit's rod bent and started going ballistic. It was either a humboldt, or a cod. Happily, it was the latter. Then I had one. Then Zit had one. Then I had one. Then Zit had a stonker. Indeed, all three of hers were good ones. I had one quite small one, possibly a younger year class, which is encouraging.

With the sun setting the squid really took off. We only had a further 20 minutes, as my ticket only allows for dawn to dusk operations, but in that time we added plenty to the tally. Final tally on the dock, five cod, one released. Nineteen squid and seven cuttle fish. Amazing for the first cephalopod session with clients aboard BIF1, and plenty more to follow. Text "SQUID" and your name to 07970 112774 if you would like to be added to the group.

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