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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 14th April 2022

First sailing, into some rather chilly low cloud and mist, although mostly reasonable, or certainly safe, for being able to see other vessels, although a few times during this session, we did get a thicker patch creep in and blanket us. Us being Stuart, Tim, and John, all returning.

After the excellent fishing I had with Jon the previous day, I had high hopes of repeating it on this strongly flooding tide. It was apparent quite quickly, that things were different. Not as much bait running around. Some bass were around, but every bite was hard fished for. And fish dropping off. I remember blogging about this before. When the tiny fry are around. However, I dont think this time it is pre-occupation with fry making them almost not bothered to hit a lure. But in the absence of yesterdays bait shoals, I wonder if it is the rockworm that they are really into.

Final tally was just seven fish landed, but the only blanker on board was me! Just two fish for the table from those as well. Hard going, showing that it really isnt summer as I was proclaiming yesterday. Every day does bring us closer mind...

Second sailing, and we had returnee's Chris and Rupert, and new to BIF1, brothers Richard and James. I decided to take a different area to prospect in, and it paid off to the point. We managed 12 bass on this sailing, with a brace taken from that, and we also encountered the luckiest gurnard in the world. As Rupert went to pose with his fish for the camera, the fish must have heard us talking about its culinary properties, flicked up in the air and back to the sea. Not the biggest fish to have been juggled back to its home mind...

Third sailing, and Chris was back on, joined by Mark, and new to BIF1, Izzy and Michael. Again, every fish was earned, and sizes mixed. And again we ended on 12 bass, Plus a quite big dab, for Mark, when he investigated if any plaice were laying on the drift up to some heavy ground, and a fat mackerel for Chris.

31 bass on the day, best fish on this sailing to Chris, perhaps pushing 5lb. Not tragic for inshore in April. And just enough interest that we didnt need to reach for the plaice lures, although of course, plaice are available on request.

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