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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 14th August 2022

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Very upset with the weather forecasters after yesterday's debacle. The stiff SE winds came, for about twenty minutes, and the afternoon then went balmy calm. Felt very much like tearing up money for no good reason, aside from disappointed clients holiday plans getting messed.

Faced with a similar forecast today, I made the decision to call all the sailings on. The forecast even worsened slightly mid morning, and yet, the day was flat calm once more. And yet, had I played the gamble and got it wrong, lots of people travelling for no reason. I would say, that the decision to call the next days sailings, is possibly the most stressful part of the job for me. It's far too often a lose lose situation, and it does make me wonder if taking BIF1 and the logic applied to her operation, to more settled climes, isn't a good business decision, to where there is a time for wind, and a time for no wind. And it works to the calendar.

Back to the fishing. Joining me for first sailing, was Mark, finally without a wind cancelled sailing, Max, Paul and his young lad George, all returning. The sailing was quite good, with fifteen bass landed, but Max was on fire, taking the lions share of that. Really fired up. Sizes were a little smaller than yesterday, with just 4 killed for the table from that. But most importantly, George discovered he is finally tall enough that the rails are far less of an obstacle for him!!

Second sailing, Mark remained, and was joined by TIm, returning, and Andy and Gwen, both new to BIF1. But will of course be returning. Because the fishing was pretty good once more, with even distribution of rewards. Indeed, Andy and Gwen were pretty hot to be fair, and nailed the fish from the off. Tim also did well. And sizes were up, with a max kill. A great session, again fifteen fish landed. .

Third session was also a great session, although for different reasons. Three novices persuaded by an addict to fish. And what great novices. Michael, also known as Harry by me at various times for no good reason other than my tiredness, had bought along his mum Ruth, and brother Tom, and sister in law Catherine. I think. Something along those lines. The guys were great students, although it showed that Tom had fished a few times previously. Ruth caught the first of just four bass landed, but the only one to be killed, was caughr by Tom. We also had a pretty good go at catching mackerel, but they, and the mega shoals of baitfish, were conspicuous by their absence. To the point, that I didnt object to a request to swim at the last knockings. All up the edges I suspect. I will be checking that out after my bath.

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