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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 14th July 2021

First sailing, and welcoming aboard once again Richard, joined by former BIF1 virgin, Jim. Two cheery souls, last bit of the ebb tide, perfect N winds. What could go wrong? Well, first thing, was wind was not perfect N wind. It was way over forecast, NW winds, bringing with it not only a long rolling swell, but also colour in the most shallow bits. Those bits where I like to catch fish on surface lures. We had a go anyhow, but it wasnt happening. Time to hunt.

And hunt... and hunt... It was the final hour before the first fish came aboard. But I recognised the face of Jim, the man who hooked, played and landed it. A nice fish, touching 3lb. But back to the face of Jim. The complete change. From focused, and perhaps, a little resigned, to no fish. Two hours without a pull will do that to a guy. And then, BAM. It does work. Bass are catchable on lures... All the doubts blown away. Fish despatched, photos done, and now, still focused but with visible happiness coursing through his veins, BAM... another table fish, played and landed and despatched.

But what about poor Richard...? BAM. Another table fish, landed and despatched. Next cast BAM. A NEW BIF1 RECORD. For the smallest pout ever fairly hooked. Next cast BAM, Richard again. Smaller bass. And he also had the fifth and final fish, again, a small bass. Me. I missed one pull... But a tough trip, thanks to that NW wind scooting us over the tide. A case of finding a mark suited to the wind, rather than suited to the fishes habits. Always going to be tough, but, both Richard and Jim heading up the road with tea.

And thats it. 2nd sailing was empty. 3rd sailing, I want perfect as it has nippers on board. And with that wind due to increase early afternoon, it will be a long way from perfect. But, it will reschedule. Those nippers will have fun, just not today. I will use the boat time to do some R & D with mud weights I guess. Or... fall asleep... cos it all catches upppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

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