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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 14th July 2022

Mid July already! How did that happen? From being kept ashore by wind far too much at the end of June, since the 4th July its been flat out, which of course I am happy for. The run does look like it will come to an end after the weekend though. Those huge temperatures forecast for Monday afternoon look accompanied by stiff SW winds. Three spaces still available on tomorrow's 1100 sailing, although it would suit locals, as even that one might be an early bath due to wind. 07970 112774 if it appeals at all.

First sailing, Richard, Chris (Long time regular, sadly moving to Dublin next week), Brian and Sarron,. also a regular. I had decided to leave the smalls alone completely, to spend time confirming my thoughts about how the bigger (table sized plus) bass are feeding on these huge bait shoals. And it confirmed really well, as we maximum killed, and let more go besides. By the time we headed to #CafeZio for breakfast, fifteen bass had graced the net. mostly 42 plus. The reef pollack seem to be a thing again, perhaps the first time in a decade, maybe more. Deffo targettable from certain swims on the East arm of the marina I should think. We had half a dozen from two locations.

So good, Richard decided to stay on for another go. Brian and Chris were already double booked, and a phone call just as I sipped my first latte was from Chris, new to BIF1 and keen. After yet another very good breakfast, out we headed again. I warned everyone, that without cloud, it would be less frantic. But there was still action, from bass, and chunky mackerel. A chunky wrasse for off to Dublin Chris. And a fly past from some lost Russian pilots, flying machines made the same time their T-34 tanks they are alleged to be using in Ukraine these days.

Final tally for the sailing was eight bass landed, with Chris taking just the one for the table. Following sailing, had not seen any bookings. First time for a long time, which means it seems like my worries earlier in the season about people not having the spare cash for fishing, is quite possibly unfounded. As always, time will reveal. Strange times, that's for sure. But it doesnt matter. The bass fishing increases apace. I am already very excited to sail in the morning.

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