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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 14th June 2021

First sailing. and it was all about the fly. And on board, BIF co-founder Bruce Dickinson no less. Its been a crazy last 12 months for him, busier than ever with his college "Waterbear" and moving to the Shetland islands. Tales of sea trout, and big Ferox were told, as we assembled a dozen to deep fished deceivers. Really quite good fishing, and followed by another amazing breakfast at Cafe Zio, a great start to the day

Talking of food, 2nd sailing it was my pleasure to welcome aboard once more Michelin trained chef Ronnie ( , who was joined by Luc, and Paul, also slightly BIF1 addicted. I explained to all that we would be fishing areas where crabs are abundant, in an attempt to find fish that arent addicted to slurping down tiny fry, as those fish, the fry slurpers, are now pretty much completely obsessed with sub 1 inch foods. Any drop shot experts with a perch pedigree out there? I suspect you might be the key to unlocking these obsessive bass. Until then, we will be fishing for low numbers of quality fish.

And that is exactly how it worked. Just seven fish landed, but four of those were heading up the road. Other chances missed. Including likely the biggest bass so far this season on BIF1, when Ronnie suffered simple bad luck, when a real beast of a fish slipped the hook unseen, after five minutes of clutch screaming action. Very unlucky.

3rd sailing, and another Paul had the whole boat booked. First time on BIF1, but I have guided Paul before, many moons ago, when I was exclusively shore based. Its very flattering when my clients from way back come to check out the boat. And he did rather enjoy it all, and the concept of fishing 14gm gear in shallow waters. Not for Paul the 200gm Pirking (or slow jigging as it is now in vogue to call it) in deep waters. Pumping fish on heavy gear, is all about the photo and the food. But for the sport, put 14gms on a fishes nose, and it gives a very different account of itself, But that is quite obvious. If I put a hat weighing a fifth of your bodyweight on your head,, and asked you to run 800 meters, you would struggle. Replace that with a baseball cap, and suddenly you become a different racer. Same with the cod, and even the plaice. Catching them light line in shallow waters, without heavy weights to drag them, and you experience their true sporting abilities far more.

Just three fish graced the decks during this session, but of those three, two were returning with Paul for BBQ fun. But, more importantly, Paul loved the finger technique, and will be back to fish when the fishes are less obsessed. Which wont be too long. The thing with tiny fry is they grow very fast indeed. A few weeks from now, the clouds of micro fry will become clouds of small fish. And the disadvantage, will very much become an advantage, as the smallest practical shads, suddenly mirror what is down there. Very exciting times ahead. And for those whom are wondering what a michelin chef does with a bass, enjoy the images of bass becoming food. Should I ever get married again, I know who will be handling the catering...

Other News: I have added an 0530 sailing for this Wednesday (tomorrow) due to dental appointments later in the day. 3 spaces remaining, that might suit somebody wanting a session before work... As always, SMS to 07970 112774 to claim your space.

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