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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 14th October 2022

I don't really have much to do outside of following fish. I mean, plenty of real world stuff like sort the garden out, do a tip run, stuff like that. But no other actual thing to invest my time in. I managed to avoid golf, and am not a spectator of other people chasing round things. So, when I awoke early, to a forecast we should not have had, having cancelled the bassing, I thought I would test the early morning squidding, and confirm that the ground I have been working is inhabited at all states of tide.

I confirmed all of the above. A three hour solo session, saw me land 38 squid and a cuttlefish. More dropped as well. And interestingly, far more forbessi than last night. Perhaps they are more of a morning person, like me, with the vulgaris preferring evenings. Whatever it means, I am now very excited to put on the next squid charter. We simply await some high pressure and calm seas. If you wish to be a part of that, simply text SQUID and your name, to 07970 112774 to be added to the whatsapp group where the squid trips are allocated.

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