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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 14th September 2020

First sailing on a very still and beautiful morning, and it was my very great pleasure to welcome aboard husband and wife Ian and Anny. The plan was simple. Catch fish. And we were fishing for the table. With the tide still with a couple of hours of flood in it, I decided to stay tight inshore, to work the close reefs before the madness of a forecast super hot day took hold. It was a great plan.

We started with a few bass. Nice fish. Indeed, before thirty minutes had passed, the maximum kill for two anglers of four bass were resting in the well. But of course, we continued fishing. The next fish to bend Ian's rod, was behaving a little differently though. Very powerful dives back to the bottom. Because a cod hooked in 15 feet of water, is an incredibly different beast to one hooked in 50 feet plus.

More bass followed, as well as a smattering of mackerel which are currently in good numbers. This made Anny very happy as I believe these are her most favourite fish. I am sure the bass will also be appreciated though. And that cod, looks tasty also. An even happier married couple walked off the pontoon this day.

Next up, and finally we managed to get Peter out, along with his friend Shane. This was a much tougher session, and it took a lot of running around to find fish. One of them was another coddie though, to Peter. This brings the total this season to just five cod to date. And a brace of bass, from the total of four bass, to go back up the road.

Final sailing, at it was another tough one. Regular Charlie had his brother Harry up from Devon, and the trip was a birthday present. I prefer when birthday trips go swimmingly. But this one, was not so. Plenty of takes. But a plague of mackerel mostly responsible. But we needed Harry to catch his bass.

It got quite stressful. Indeed, I would say it got to being a nail biter. But the last hour saw the total tally at five bass, including another brace for the table. And, right at the end, Harry scored a bass. Good size, but looking like some infection or healing wound on the tail. Certainly didnt look appetising and was returned. No coddies on this one, sadly, just mackerel and gurnard as by-catch.

More dates will be released as soon as I get a day off. Likely all of October. And that day off is currently looking like Thursday based on the current forecast. Time, as always, will tell. If you want an October date however, you do not need to wait. Simply text 07970 112774 as always, with your name and your requirement. Somewhere in the middle of October, sailings drop to two per day, so availability will sadly reduce a little more. Else, I might move BIF1 to the equator...

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