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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 14th September 2021

First sailing, regulars Max and Mark were joined by new to BIF1 Arun. Fishing was ok. Not great, not terrible. Sizes were consistently good though, all through the days sailings.

It would seem that many of us are agreeing, that this year is quite a different year to previous years. Some fish everywhere, but no particular piles of fish anywhere. This will inevitably change over the next couple of months as stacks of smalls arrive inshore, but at the moment,it makes for slowish fishing, but quality fish. Much nicer in many respects than the manic schoolie bashing, when we start to move away from the big shoals to find the better fish.

Total for the sailing was ten fish, with Arun happy with his brace. Max could have had a brace but chose to just take a single fish.. And all too soon it was time to say goodbye to Max and Arun, to welcome aboard Nathan, Roly and Geoffrey. Mark remained.

We came out to a very different sea. The easterly wind was finding the first trickle of ebb, which made for some very big rolling swells. But the boat mastered them and we cracked on. The swells though, made for terrible lure control, so I took us into some lee under the cliffs after a couple of fish landed. Just a further five fell during this session, but happily, big enough that five were heading back up the road.

Final sailing, and keeping Mark company this time was Andy, Wilson and Tim. A slow start, but then finally we found a few fish. We killed six of the ten we landed, but two others would have been plenty big enough, with two smalls. A reflection of the quality that is there if you hunt for it. And on the return, a fair few dolphins smashing around

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