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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 15th April 2021

Rather poor day compared to recently, hampered by a stiff NE wind, pushing us across the tide all day. First up, Simon and Bianca came to play. Simon has solid rod skills, and is a competent angler. Bianca, recently introduced to the sport, but a great listener and a fast learner. And also top rod of the session. Although sadly, squid were not playing today, happily some plaice did want to play, plus a small gurnard bonus for Simon. And that was it really. Very limited to the inshore by the wind, we made the best of it, and at least did land some fishes. No blankers!!

2nd session, Kieron and Nathan came to play. Kieron a long ago shore client (His best hound the night we went and played was 16lb, best of 16 fish that session) and Nathan new to my world. Hopefully they will return, but if they didnt I wouldnt be so suprised. We tried really hard for squid, but didnt get any. Plaice were still playing hardball but happily everyone caught, including a nice one for Kieron, on the metal. I guess around 15 in total. And right at the end, a sweet chunky gurnard came to play when we went to have another look for bass. Definitely not the worst session ever, but also most certainly not the best. We now look to be having a run of much lighter winds, so fingers crossed the weekend might throw up some better catches.

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