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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 15th July 2020

First sailing, and out with Mitch and Max. A reasonably stiff NW wind meant some swell, although nothing as bad as the second sailing on the previous day. First three spots, were devoid. I began to have that horrible feeling that we had come out onto a fish-less sea.

Next spot though, came good. Indeed, good enough that we sat there taking at least a fish a drift right up until the last 30 minutes of the session. Then it eased back, and we tried the earlier marks again, as I was hoping the now reduced breeze would mean a straight drift and some results. The straight drift was there, just not the results.

However, 15 fish to the boat in those three hours. And not a single schoolie. Everything again 40-50cm. A real lot of fun on the light gear. Just one foodie on board this session, and he left with his brace, plus bonus mackerel by-catch.

2nd sailing, and nobody to play with. The first time a session has gone unclaimed in good weather since the whole CV19 thing came upon us. Possibly because the government is slowly stopping paying people to go hang out and do their favorite things. Something about getting the economy back on track or similar.

Instead, I have a few fly anglers coming aboard over the next few days, so time to put in a bit of practice. Or so I thought. After popping home and attending to a few chores, I slipped BIF1 off her plastic mooring once more, and headed out. Into a familiar scenario. A building SW wind.

For the second day on the trot, this un-forecast situation saw me rushing in after just an hour. And cancelling the 1400. Holding on all afternoon for it to swing and die, it actually has not, as I write this well into when the 1800 sailing would have been. Very frustrating. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. Where, it is all NW all day. Allegedly.

And on that dodgy forecast note, it can also go the other way. I have a recently re-released 1400 session available on Saturday, on a currently poor forecast, as well as a 1400 slot on Friday, also currently looking a bit iffy.Which, based on current forecasting, could mean a flat calm. Text or call 07970 112774 if you are of a gambling persuasion and want a reservation just in case...

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