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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 15th July 2022

First sailing, returnee's Chris and Mitch were joined by new to BIF1 Maggie and Paul. Paul, who for some reason I called Ron most of the morning. And Paul being a kind, people kind of person, let me get away with it, until a wave of memory washed over me and it occurred to me I had been calling Paul, Ron... I mention this as it was one of those kind of mornings.

Happily, the fish were more forgiving today. I think the style of fishing was a bit of a surprise to Paul and Maggie. They have occasionally used the services of the bigger charter boats, where the approach is more drop it straight down. But none of this is a problem on BIF1.

To cast properly, is taught, usually within five casts, because casting properly (and safely) is really easy to master. Its casting badly that is time consuming for everyone involved. So, even without needing to use my special wooden ruler, they were both casting straight and well in no time.

We found fish everywhere we stopped, but I only stopped in the places where I felt the table fish would be awaiting to ambush the huge whitebait shoals. The strategy paid off. Maximum kill, and more released, with the final tally at eleven bass, plus supporting acts from mackerel,. bream and Gurnard. 2nd sailing, one mackerel, one bass, and after 20 minutes, a run back to dock as wind made lure control difficult.

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