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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 15th June 2023

0500 out with regulars Mose, Dex, Kas, and Orett. Wind was once more well over the forecast speeds, but perhaps five miles an hour less than the previous couple of days, where I attempted to sail but on finding lure control impossible, abandoned. And with regular rods on board, plus a forecast that had the wind decreasing steadily, I decided to endure. Quite glad we did.

Fishing was hard, with the conditions, but easy, due to the pure volume of fish around. Fish pretty much everywhere. Very easy for me. I took a line I drift regularly, and was not surprised to find fish all along the drift. But more difficult to fish, with the strong NE wind pushing the boat towards the lures, making hard bite detection the theme of the morning.

But my guys are cool, and they mastered it no problems. Fifty three bass were landed, although from that just five killed for the table. Cuttlefish were also around, and Mose and Des put three of those onto the boat. I am fairly surprised that we have young cuttle around at the moment. I can only imagine the cuttle came and spawned early this year. Off the back of this, as clearly there are plenty of cuttle around, I am now arranging cuttle fishing trips. These are CUTTLE ONLY trips, and if you are interested in them, send me a text "YOUR NAME" CUTTLE and I will add you to my Cephalopod trips whatsapp group. 07970 112774.

Second sailing, and it was my pleasure to welcome aboard a pair of Peters, a Chris and a Henry. And out to a very different sea. As yesterday, the punishing wind vanished, leaving bright warm sunshine and crystal clear seas. Not conducive to good fshing. And so it was. By contrast,. this crew managed 13 bass, with three killed for the table.

Third sailing, at 1730, I was joined by Max, James, Tim and his not so little lad Louie. I had very high expectations, with much better winds but a similar tide state to the morning. And there were plenty of fish. We managed to boat twenty three. And yet, from that, not a single sizeable fish. Plenty of vessels fishing them and all said the same. Wont be long though, and there will be greater numbers of the 60cm + fish we all seek. I feel it in my water.

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