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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 15th October 2021

Big swell this morning, far too much for the scheduled fly session. I did pop out solo, for a little bump around, but the only place I could find any fish was right up on Brighton shingle. As I headed back in for breakfast, the wind swung to the North east, exactly as forecast, and all looked good for the 1200 sailing.

Aboard were all regulars, Armando, Nick, Stuart plus, new to BIF1, Daniel. Daniel is a thoroughly fish obsessed fella. I know that, because he payed his fare on BIF1 with a truly excellent article, complete with awesome photographs, for the online magazine "HOOKPOINT" which I am very proud to say I help support. Top end musings of some top end anglers, from all around the globe. This is an open offer. If you havent been aboard BIF1 yet, because it is a costly trip, so make it free for yourself. 2000 words and half a dozen pictures about your lure journey see's you onboard.

Sadly though, the fishing was very tough, as is often the way on the smallest, and the biggest, tides. It was so slow, I put down a squid jig, and 100 percent connected with one, but sadly it somehow slipped the pins before I could see which sort it was. In the same area, Stuarts rod also did some slow nodding. His wasnt a squid though, but a nice cod in the 6lb region, our 14th cod of the season. This, plus four bass, was the best I could find for the guys. I was very in the mood to add some extra time, but I got a phone call.

The phone call itself wasnt a problem. Just a fellow angler asking advice. The problem was, my attention slipped, and I snagged my lure. This led to a break off. This led to me gluing up another shad to its head. except... when clearing the glue, with a special straightened hook shad, I managed to push it deep into my left index finger. So, I type this a little strangely, and my next task is to visit Lewes small injuries unit, to have it removed... The trials of life as a charter skipper....

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