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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 15th September 2022

A very interesting day. It all began last week when various reports of squid reached my ears. And the timing was great, as we had a cuttle trip booked for this day this morning. So, when I heard of the squid, I decided to call it a Cephalopod only trip, and decided to bring some squid haunts onto the agenda. Joining me for this, were fellow squidgy rubbery flesh fanatics Dex, Richard, Mitch and David.

The whole purpose of this was to not fish for anything but squid or cuttlefish. And as such, even if it was quiet, I had firm promises the push would be to the end. But, happily, it all came together nicely. Some small Loligo Vulgaris (Common squid) and a smattering of bigger Loligo Forbessi (Veined squid) were awaiting our attention. And with them, of course some cuttle fish.

Cuttle fish connections are more common on the shads, but happily four joined the thirteen squid landed, to make the first Cephalopod session of the season a success. I have a whatsapp group set up for this, to cater for any enthusiasts. If jigging for squid and cuttles is your thing, send a text with your name titled SQUID to 07970 112774 and I will add you to this group.

Second sailing, Richard remained, and was joined by Marc and Simon. I had promised Richard that if the cloud remained, there would be surface action for him. I kept the guys on the surface, while I ran a control shad. Surface won, by six counts to zero. Normally, six bass would be deemed a bit of a fail. But when all six are table fish, and you hit your max kill, then of course, it becomes an absolute success.

But what to do if you cant find any bass at all. BIF1, and many of the private boats out there this afternoon, discovered a very tough ebb tide. Enduring it with me, Simon (remaining), Bob, Graham and Justin. A very stiff and not forecast WNW wind against the tide, made for almost impossible lure control for the first hour. Indeed, my normal routine is to hunt fish, but on this tide, it was a case of finding a place where you had some lure control.

This yielded just a single schoolie. A fail. Except, that single fish was accompanied by no less than EIGHT coddies. Well, codlets. And as Bob, Graham and Justin had never caught cod before, it somehow balanced it all out. They were all smiles on leaving, despite all fish being returned, and I hope to see them again with more favourable conditions.

I have a single space available tomorrow on the 1100 sailing, and two spaces on the 1500. If you think you should be fishing tomorrow, please feel free to claim a space by texting 07970 112774. All about the bass.

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