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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 16th April 2021

Just the one sailing today, as the wind that rather marred the previous days fishing, was due to drop around midday, and swing to a more southerly direction. On the 1400 sailing, regulars Swapnil and James, which made for a really relaxed time. I had popped out earlier to check a few inshore spots, and did find a few schoolies, so we decided to run a 3 species quest, which seems to be quite a popular choice at the moment. An hour on the squid, an hour on the bass and an hour on the plaice.

The hour on the squid was a bit of a dead loss, with no squid showing. I personally, fished for bass, as I hadn't checked this particular reef for them yet, although it wasn't my favourite part of the tide for it. However, the bass didn't care about what I thought, and after my 2nd fish, I enquired if the guys wouldn't prefer to fish for the bass a bit sooner...

We took six fish in the next hour, which although not frantic, isn't too shabby for mid April. Two were of perfect table size. And the rest, quality schoolies. Certainly bought smiles to faces. And then onto the plaice, for the final hour. Well, the final forty minutes as it turned out, as after a dozen plaice (they werent so fast and furious) and seven for the table, we went back on the bass. Another two fish graced the decks, with Swapnil taking his bag limit with another perfect BBQ bass. A great session.

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