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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 16th August 2023

Early birds catch the worms. Early anglers often catch the best moments of the day, regardless of what they catch. Out with me this morning, Mark, Mick, Nick and Richard, all returnee's, all enjoyed a fairly dramatic sunrise over Saltdean. Sometimes, a waffly introduction like this is to pad the lack of fishy action. Yet happily this time, it was literally just to say wow. We anglers are so lucky. Most people are either watching a road or the inside of their eyelids at this special time. My favourite time of day for sure.

Considering how little I have been sailing lately, it all came together ok. Fish were pretty much everywhere we looked for them. A few here, a few there. Quite fun, although sizes a little on the low side. From the twenty three landed, just four for the table.

Second sailing, and Nick and Martin were back, joined by Geoff and Roly, also returning. I went around the same marks in a slightly different order, fine tuning for the tide. Wind was so light, that I could be really precise in where we hunted. Less numbers, with sixteen fish landed, eight over the 42 to 55cm the biggest. Some lost also, with one that briefly connected to Martins rod having 60+ potential.

Third sailing, Kas was back, and with him his brother in law Havel. And new to BIF1, former Brighton resident Geoff, and still local Russ. So, three new people aboard BIF1. You may have realised we are all a bit, erm, different, those of us who like to make money from the sea. I have reached a very happy place where I am mostly taking out customers, who return. So, we got to know each other. They know my ways, I know theirs. It works. The stress levels (well hidden obviously) when new people are on board, hits the roof. Especially when they are instantly likeable, as all three instantly were. And just to add to the pressure, Geoff's trip was a birthday present from his missus!! I simply had to find fish.

Neptune must be pitying my world at the moment, as fish were found. Not big numbers, but enough. Russ was very happy to land a brace of table fish for his efforts, and birthday boys Kas and Geoff were both rewarded with bass to take home. Havel had some excellent eating mackerel as well. A few gurnards through all sailings today as well. Final bass tally was nine, with just the three killed. And I suspect, that next time Geoff is passing through town, he might just be getting in touch. I could see a very relaxed man for the light line experience. It is a refreshing change when you have been used to heavy gear for long time. Russ and Havel, perhaps a bit sooner. I think they also found the concept exciting and enjoyable. Time, as always, will tell. A bloody chatterbox that time...

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