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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 16th July 2021

First up, Richard, Dave and Pete came to see me. And out on much lighter winds than predicted. No sign of the 20 mph Northerly gusts. Seas clear. Perfect topwater conditions... Would be rude not to, right? And so we did, and we scored some fish, but smalls. We took to the shads for less fish, though with three heading up the road, on the final tally of fifteen fish, and with great weather, great banter, a real pleasure to be out.

Next sailing, and it was four Individuals. Ollie was onboard, as a result of having an amazing boss, as Lagoon bait and tackle proprietor Brett rewards his staff with BIF1 trips. Ian was returning, as was Bill, but first time for Mark. Off we headed.

I was hoping to get some topwater stuff happening, but already it was bright. We needed to go to the shads, and deeper waters. Where we found fish. Quality fish, with four from seven heading up the road, or in Ollie's case, to a campsite. But fish of the month, has to be Bill's approximate 5lb CONGER EEL. Fairly hooked. Those big eyes. And some instantly destroyed Arctic eels in trips gone by. And finally, the proof. Amazing.

Final sailing, James, his wife Naeemah, daughter Laila, and friend Mark joined me, for a bit of a bass hunt. But I did promise we could deploy feathers towards the end to ensure a feed went up the road. Onto the bassing. And we caught bass. Just three I think, and all too small for food. Thank goodness for feathers, with eleven making it up the road, and a nice size also. And new skills for Naeemah and Laila. Neither had cast a rod before todays trip, and both were extremely competent within ten minutes. Great going.

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