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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 16th June 2020

Opening day of the coarse fishing season. So, I thought I would phone in sick for the day. Which of course (coarse?) I didnt. But, if my former employers were to compare notes, they would notice a pattern. Instead I was delighted to welcome back James. And just James. Has the lack of quality bass

during this spider crab peel put off my anglers? Time will tell...

This was pretty cool anyhow. Fishing one on one feels far less like a job. More just passing the time smashing bass. On those sessions we smash bass. This session. we hunted far and wide. but only a couple of smalls gave themselves up. Last hour. we turned to the plaice. Which were very happy to oblige, and happily, James was able to warrant the trip in his conscience, with a good feed for the family. And a huge smile. Plaice are too much fun.

Next up was Paul. I hadnt managed to get regular Paul afloat since November, with wind and CV19 preventing too many sailings. Paul has been observing very strict sheltering, but had got to the point where some sea time was an absolute priority. Already weather took out his bookings last week,. but today, it all came together

And by running around quite a lot, the bassing was just about acceptable. Indeed, once we tracked a few shoals down, they seemed quite willing to feed. Unlike the plaice, which we tried with. Not a single take. Terrifying stuff,. as I thought the technique had stopped all that fussiness. Clearly not/ But the bass, were entertaining enough. The trick was, go to places spiders do not peel. Something I dwelt upon in the turnaround, and enacted, after confirming close was no good, that a bit of depth was where some feeding fishes were active.

Enter Jordan and Ollie. Very active shore lure anglers, and regular readers of the blog, they succumbed after a few mentions of "fingerpower (TM)" ... Just kidding. Not really trade marked. But deffo extremely effective for hooking bass. I didnt realise how many people fish for slamming takes. Snag is, it is likely twenty or so just gently held the lure, before releasing, before that one did totally engulf, the action that tends to create a slamming take. Especially when the fish are not in large shoals.. This can happen in a very quick moment, and likely undetectable from the rod tip alone.

Bye catch also today. No more undulates, but Cuttle, Pollack and Wrasse all coming to say hello.

It didnt hurt that these guys already had good rod skills, and grasped the concepts instantly. And I began to smile. Inwardly, and, by the end, outwardly also. Because as much as plaice make you giggle,. quality bass make your reel scream and your rod double over. I will now mostly be using "BIG BANG THEORY" for a giggle, and boat time, all about the bass.

Looking like we will be losing Thursday afternoon through to Sunday to the weather. But a more settled forecast again for the following week. The weekend could all change though, as is the nature of forecasting. Time will tell/ Some spaces next week still available. Loads actually... 07970 112774 to change that.

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